Der stärkste Snus der Welt

Snus varieties have different levels of nicotine content, so that both experienced snusers and beginners can find what they are looking for. The products are therefore divided into mild, normal strength, strong and extremely strong varieties. The tobacco blend used differs from manufacturer to manufacturer, resulting in very different strengths. We have found the strongest snus variety in the world for you and want to present the products with strong effect in our blog.

What determines the strength of snus?

Snus is made with ground tobacco from the tobacco plant. Normally, no nicotine is added to the tobacco blend used during the manufacturing process, so the information on the tin corresponds to the natural content of the tobacco plant - except for certain products from Odens and Siberia. However, the nicotine content alone does not determine the strength of a product; other factors also play a role. These include:

  • The moisture content of the product
  • The pH value
  • The aroma
  • The size of the bag (i.e. absolute amount of tobacco)

On the can you will see the classification of the varieties. Beginners should first start with a mild variety, because too much nicotine can cause discomfort such as headaches or nausea during the first use. Just as with cigarettes, the entire amount of nicotine contained is never absorbed by the body, but only about 10 to 20%.

Even the amount of saliva influences the intensity of the product. Since the nicotine pouches are activated by saliva when using snus, the intensity can vary from person to person. More saliva leads to more nicotine being absorbed by the body.

What is the difference between real and perceived snus strength?

In addition to the amount of nicotine, it is also important to know what type of snus it is, what pH it has, and what flavors have been added. Moist snus, such as the Original portion, gives you a quick kick, but it doesn't last as long as the White Dry portion. As a general rule, moist snus gets into your body faster than dry.

The pH value also determines how much nicotine the body absorbs. The higher the pH, the more nicotine can be absorbed. Last but not least, flavors such as mint and menthol can additionally intensify the perceived strength through their spicy taste.

The strongest snus in the world

The strongest snus varieties can contain a nicotine content of over 40 mg/g, such as several Siberia snus varieties or also products of the Thunder, Offroad and Soldat Extreme brands. This means they contain five times as much nicotine as normal varieties.

Meanwhile, there are also so-called Nicopods, which contain nicotine but are free of tobacco. The nicotine is added manually during the manufacturing process. Here there are products with even higher nicotine specifications, such as Pablo Ice Cold Danger Strong with 50 mg/g.

Unfortunately, there are also manufacturers who completely ignore the recommended nicotine levels and add too high concentrations to the products. Among these are Supreme Snus with an incredibly high nicotine content of 120 mg/g. Products like these carry the risk of nicotine poisoning and are in no way safe.

The strongest snus at Snushus

We clearly oppose the distribution of unsafe products like Supreme, Kurwa and Candy Shop and therefore only offer snus varieties from manufacturers we trust. On our side Offroad X WDP and Soldat Extreme WDP has the highest nicotine value with 45 mg/g. In addition, Siberia Black and Siberia Red are also among the extremely strong products with 43 mg/g nicotine. The effect is intense and lasts a long time.

The strongest Nicopods at Snushus

If you are looking for extra strong nicopods, we recommend Siberia Extremely Strong AW with 33 mg/g nicotine, White Fox Black Edition AW with 30 mg/g nicotine or La Fruteria Grape Mint AW with also 30 mg/g nicotine and edelsnus Onyx with 25 mg/g nicotine.

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