VELO Mint - Minzige Frische im Pocketformat

Fans of mint flavored All White snus will get their full money's worth at VELO. VELO has a range of Nicotine Pouches with mint and menthol flavors, made completely without tobacco. VELO Mint is available for purchase in two different sizes and provides extra freshness. Instead of spicy mint, a pleasantly sweet mint flavor is waiting for you.


British American Tobacco has been producing high quality nicotine pouches for years and initially the products were marketed under the name Epok and Lyft; partly still under the production management of Winnington AB. These products were then united under the name VELO and manufactured exclusively without tobacco. In addition to VELO Mint, there are also Freeze, Polar Mint and Ice Cool, which also taste of mint and menthol. The variety of products is continuously renewed and there are more and more flavors on the market.


VELO Mint Slim contains 11.4 mg/g nicotine and is therefore normal strength. VELO Mint Mini is available with 12 mg/g nicotine. You can see the nicotine content of the products by the marking on the tin. VELO nicotine pouches are available in different strengths, so they are suitable for both beginners and experienced snusers.

VELO Mint is offered in Slim and Mini format. The Slim and Mini pouches can be inconspicuously slipped under the upper lip and are particularly pleasant to consume. Being All White snus, the pouches are white and dry. They do not run during use. The pouches themselves are made of cellulose and are biodegradable.

Properties at a glance

  • Nicotine content: 11.4 mg/g Slim and 12 mg/g Mini (normal strength)
  • Taste: Sweet mint
  • Bags per can: 24 Slim and 18 Mini
  • Bag size: Slim and Mini

VELO Mint application

White snus is consumed in the same way as conventional snus products. Take a filled pouch from the tin and place it under your upper lip. The effect starts already in a few minutes. The strength of the effect depends on the nicotine content, pH and aroma. Snus with mint usually provides a stronger kick. How long you keep the pouch in your mouth depends on your personal preferences.

The advantages of nicotine pouches


White snus shines with a number of advantages, because the products not only smell pleasantly good, they are also available in many different flavors. Since they don't contain tobacco, you don't have to worry about staining your teeth or fingers. Just like the flavors, the nicotine content also varies so that every snuser can find the right product.

White snus and snus are the perfect alternative to smoking, as the health risks are much lower than cigarettes. Snus is not burned when consumed and there is no smoke to disturb your fellow smokers or endanger their health. Snus pouches can be taken and consumed anywhere. You can choose the nicotine strength yourself, there are even nicotine-free products.


Our best VELO products

VELO you can find in many flavors, whether minty, fruity or fancy. In addition to the mint products listed above, the white snus is also available with berry flavor, namely Berry Frost. Fancy flavors like Gin & Tonic or Apple Blossom can be found at VELO Labs. If you prefer white herb-flavored snus, you will also find it here. VELO Herbal Mix is prepared with fresh herbs and tastes incredibly intense.

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