VELO Polar Mint

Are you looking for a unique freshness kick with mint flavor? Then you should definitely try VELO Polar Mint. Polar Mint is another product of the VELO brand, which has been known for years. The brand is produced by British American Tobacco in Hungary and continuously brings new flavors to the market.


VELO Polar Mint are nicotine pouches that do not contain tobacco. They are also called All White Snus, white snus, because both the packaging and the contents of the pouch are white. The products have different levels of nicotine strength and trigger the same effect as snus without running. VELO nicotine pouches are available for purchase in many exciting flavors.


VELO Polar Mint combines the taste of sweet mint and fresh menthol. Through the use of mint, the snus strength of the product is highlighted even more intense. In the mini variant, they have a nicotine content of 8 mg/g and are thus a mild variety. You can find out the strength by looking at the marking on the tin.

VELO Polar Mint Easy Mini are sold in mini pouches that can be easily slipped under the upper lip without attracting attention. In one tin there are 18 of the small pouches, which can be easily transported.

You can buy VELO Mint in Slim or Mini format. The Slim format contains 11.4 mg/g nicotine, in the Mini variant you can choose between Strong with 15.8 mg/g nicotine and Medium with 12 mg/g nicotine.

Advantages of nicotine pouches


White snus is less harmful than the rest, because it is not burned during consumption and no harmful substances are produced by the smoke. It also has the advantage that it does not stain your fingers yellow and your teeth remain white, because there is no tobacco in the product. White snus provides a good taste in the mouth and your fellow men will not be disturbed by the smoke or unpleasant odors.

The pouches are made of cellulose and are therefore biodegradable. They can be used at any time and anywhere and you have a free choice of nicotine strength. So both snus beginners and experienced snusers will always find the right product.


VELO Polar Mint Application

White snus is used in the same way as regular snus. Just take a pouch out of the can, slide it under your upper lip and the effect will develop within a few minutes. You can keep the pouch under your lip until it loses its flavor. When using for the first time, you should try a mild product first.

Our VELO assortment

Besides VELO Mint, there are other products with fresh mint flavor, namely Ice Cool and Freeze. Freeze is also available in the strong variant X-Freeze with 22.9 mg/g nicotine. Those who prefer something fruity should try Berry Frost with berry flavor or Hugo with elderflower. For a strong herbal taste we recommend VELO Kräuter Mix.

You can also get limited editions on our site, such as Apple Blossom or Gin & Tonic. VELO is known for its wide variety of flavors and regularly expands the range so that there is something for every snuser.

Do you already know the exclusive Snushus Snus subscription?

VELO Polar Mint and other snus varieties can be delivered conveniently in our subscription. You can combine several products and determine the regularity of your delivery yourself. The Snushus subscription offers you the following advantages:

  • You can benefit from the top prices
  • You always get fresh snus
  • There is no minimum term
  • You can customize your subscription to your preferences
  • You can extend your subscription as you wish
  • Controlled snus consumption

More information about our subscription and how to set it up can be found on our website.

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